Bozzo woman and child. Hairdressing saloon in Gao Gandamia mountains on the way to Tombouctou Bozo young girl
On the banks of the Niger Dogon granaries Dogon ceremonies altar Touareg woman carrying chicken Tomboctou
Old tuareg Shongai bathing at Niger Young Tuareg at Tomboctou Landscape from Bandiagara escarpment
Crossing Bani river in  Mopti Mask dance Dogon country House entrance in Mopti On the banks of the Niger.
Djenne Mosque. Djenne Mosque main gate Knitting machine at Dogon Country Dogon village from Bandiagara escarpment
Dogon Country Mask dance Dogon country. Mask dance Dogon country.. Old men Dogon having a rest
Mopti market Djenne Market Songo Dogon village Touareg boy at the door Tombouctu
Tellem graves under Bandiagara escarpment Dogon granaries. Bela Village Bela Woman
Bore Old man in Tombouctu filtered Bozzo woman and child The eldest and the youngest Bozo in their village (Mopti) Djenne Mosque
Peul girl on a donkey at Tombouctu Bandiagara cave Barge at Niger river (MALI). Peul woman
Shongai  separating millet at Djenne