Sifaca Lemur jumping in Peyreiras reserve at Marozebo Woman breastfeeding at Andasibe Sifaca Lemur in Peyreiras reserve at Marozebo. Antananrivo market
Sunset at Alle des baobabs. Alle de baobabs at Morondava. A view on the Big Tsingy at Bemaraha N.P. From the Big Tsingy gorges (Bemaraha N.P.)
Public bus at Belo sur Sakalava woman breastfeeding at Allee des baobabs Sunset at Alle des baobabs Sailingship at Morondava
Carrying fish at Morondava beach Independence Avenue (Tulear) Public bus at Andranuvory Mango tree at Ambalavao
Tulear downtown Ring-Tailed Lemur  (Isalo Park) Brown Lemur at Isalo Park Rice plantations landscape at Ambalavao
Bara little girl carrying bricks at Ihosy Fianarantsoa old town Bara  woman breastfeeding in Ambalavao market Forest train at Ampitambe early in the morning.
Mother and child Antifasy (Pangalanes channel) Manakara Brave Indian Ocean at Manakara Parsoni  the largest chameleon in Madagascar Baobabs in love  (Morondava)
Antemoro boy at Pangalans channel Manakara Boys on Kalesa at Highland Highland Malgache house Zafimaniry little girl at the window
Zafimaniry village Zafimaniry little girl Ifasina (Zafimaniry village) Children playing at Ambositra streets
Street hawkers at Ambrosita Pirate´s cementery at Ambodiatafana (Sainte  Marie) Humpback whale tail at Sainte Marie Sunset at Sainte Marie
Humpback Whale Fluke at Sainte Marie Sainte Maritiane girl Ille Aux Nates  at Sainte Marie Bathing at Tsiribihina river
Big Tsingy bridge (Bemaraha N.P.) Malgache friendship at Ambositra La Crique beach at  Sainte Marie Boys on a coconout tree at Sainte Marie
Coming back from fishing at Morondava Sakalava woman at the  Allee des Baobabs Grandidier baobab at Morondava The Madagascar baobab trunk
Sunset at Alle de baobabs at Morondava. Alle de baobabs at Morondava.. Sakalava girl with masinjoany mask River Crossing at Belo sur Tsiribihina
Ways of crossing Tsiribihina river Hawkers at Belo Tsiribihina Baobab tree Adansonia grandidieri at Morondava Isalo N.P. at Ranohira
Water spring at Isalo N.P. (Ranohira) Betsimisaraka woman at Andasibe Fianarantsoa  to Manakara forest train Loosing the pirogue (Pangalanes channel) Manakara
End of fishing at Manakara Humpback whales at Sainte Marie Ring-Tailed Lemur with twins Sunset in Isalo window
Calumma parsonii Chameleon at Maruzebo Park Zebu bathing at Ambalavao Ring tailed Lemu at Isalo N.P. Chameleon mimesis
Ambalavao market Coalman at Highland Zebus plowing the rice fields Golden Bamboo Lemur in Ranomafana N.P.
Sportive nocturnal Lemur  Ranomafana N.P. Madagascar Day Gecko at Ranomafana N.P. Ambatovaky village at Highland Malgache tipical country house
Forest train at Ampitambe early in the morning.. Life around the railway at Mahabako station Playing roulette at Ambinany station Fianarantsoa  to Manakara forest train...
Howkers at Forest train Fiarantsoa-Manakara Sakalava boy at Alle des baobabs Antananarivo uptown Tsiribihina river sky view
Sainte Marie west beach Pousse Pousse local transport in Manakara Bara boy at Ambalavao market Antsirabe
Making bricks at Antsirabe Antananarivo panorama Garlic sellers at Antananarivo Indri Indri Lemur with baby in Analamazaotra reserve at Andasibe
Chameleon at Analamazaotra Reserve at Andasibe Boy in the boat at Sainte Marie Boys playing with a trunk at Ambodiatafana (Sainte Marie) Sifaca Lemurs in Peyreiras reserve at Marozebo.
Furcifer oustaleti chameleon  at Ranomafana N.P. Ring-Tailed Lemur jumping  (Isalo Park) Big Tsingy  Bemaraha N.P. Baby in the basket at Ambositra
Rice fields landscape from the forest train Suspended bridge at Big Tsingy (Bemaraha N.P.) Bekopaka Indri Indri Lemur in Analamazaotra reserve at Andasbe Malgache house at Fianarantsoa
Sakalava little gir at Alle des baobas MG 8631 1