Street peddlers women in Makokou Waiting  for transgabonais train at Booué Fang woman at Makoukou market Booué market
Kongou falls at Ivindo N.P. Kongou falls -Buya na Ngonde- Kongou falls -Mekumba- Meat market in Libreville
Kongou falls, 25 miles from Makoukou by motorized pirogue Beninois children at Makoukou Transgabonais train to Libreville Ivindo N.P by motorized pirogue
Going to Kongou falls by pirogue Hairdressing at the market in Libreville Mont Bouet market in Libreville. One of several falls of Kongou,near the Congo border
Antilope Sitatunga crossing Ivindo river Selling monkeys  and other jungle animals at Lalala market (Libreville) Breastfeeding while waiting  for transgabonais train at Booué Begining of Kongou falls (ivindo river)
Sunset at Libreville beach Waiting for sunset at Libreville beach Street  coffee sellers in Libreville Baggy trousers, Libreville downtown
Turbulent Kongou falls. Malienne woman at Makoukou market