Miguel Ángel Corvinos / Travel photographer


We are all africans


We know now that we descended from inhabitants of Africa who began migrating out of Africa around 60,000 years ago .

I travel to Africa for the feeling of adventure that continues to awaken a strange fascination in many of us. The sensation of feeling like the explorers who met civilizations that continue to celebrate customs that existed during prehistoric times; maintain ancestral traditions and undecipherable rites dating back to ages long gone. Also, in the wild and huge savannah, where the animals still run free; travelling thoroughly across it (most of the time on foot) awaken my passion for experiencing the "safari" of the ancient explorers, for reaching the legend of the black goddess, for...

Black Africa is the territory that extends from the Sahara desert to the southern end of South Africa
It´s almost twenty years of crossing different sub-Saharan countries, some of them more than once.

If you never been there, think about the conclusion that traveling Africa reveal one of two sensations from its visitors:

"AFRICA will either hold you in its trance or you will reject its call".

This site shows my photographic activity through these countries and includes other related links.

Miguel Ángel Corvinos